Oregon Files

The Oregon Files focuses on the ship Oregon which also featured in the Dirk Pitt book Flood Tide.  The Oregon is no ordinary ship, hidden beneath the appearance of a decrepit freighter is a high-tech advanced ship used by the Corporation, under the control of Juan Cabrillo. The crew are all shareholders in the Corporation and the ship is run as a business, taking jobs for the CIA and other agencies to help stop terrorism and other crimes. This often involves disguises, combat, computer hacking and more to aid their missions which the crew have become adept at.

Over the course of the series both Dirk Pitt and Kurt Austin have made cameos.

The first two novels were co written with Craig Dirgo, the rest with Jack DuBrul.

The Books –

1. Golden Buddha (2003)
2. Sacred Stone (2004)
3. Dark Watch (2005)
4. Skeleton Coast (2006)
5. Plague Ship (2008)
6. Corsair (2009)
7. The Silent Sea (2009)
8. The Jungle (2011)